Photography and Videography at The Dayton Arcade

Thank you for your interest in filming at the Dayton Arcade. We love to host beautiful moments, from engagement photos to commercial productions and movie scenes.

The Dayton Arcade is an active mixed-use development with year-round public and private events. Before any type of professional filming at the Dayton Arcade, you must submit a Photography/Videography Request. We are not currently taking requests for photo shoots for personal use only (such as an engagement photoshoot).

Photos and videos intended for editorial, commercial, television, or movie purposes usually require permitting, insurance, and payment of location fees. Funds go toward the year-round free and public events at the Dayton Arcade.


Prior to any professional photography at the Dayton Arcade, submit a Photography/Videography Request with the following information:

  • date(s) and times
  • desired location(s)
  • number of crew members and number of people being filmed
  • intended use
  • and any other relevant details.

After submitting your request, Culture Works Events, which manages all event coordination at the Dayton Arcade, will process the permit and determine the necessary levels of logistical planning. Processing time may range from a few days to a few weeks. Please be as detailed as possible on the application to expedite the review process.

Some shoots may require logistical planning calls before the permit can be approved. In these cases, Culture Works Events will contact the applicant to set up the call. If your shoot has an indoor component, Culture Works Events can assist with the necessary introductions to businesses.

Commercial Filming and Photography

For commercial or editorial filming, prior to the filming date, the Dayton Arcade usually requires a completed location contract, a certificate of liability insurance naming the Dayton Arcade and certain subsidiaries as additional insured, and payment of the filming fee. After submitting your request, Culture Works Events will provide the location contract and more details about insurance and invoicing.

Contact Culture Works Events for specific fees related to commercial filming and photography.

Cross Street Partners and its event management company Culture Works Events reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to film on the Dayton Arcade premises.