Development Team


Cross Street Partners
Cross Street Partners is a vertically integrated real estate company exclusively focused on re-building communities by creating vibrant urban mixed-use neighborhoods built on a foundation of innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

Model Group
The Model Group is an integrated property development, construction and management company with a passion for revitalizing urban neighborhoods. The Cincinnati-based company is a recognized leader in historic preservation, mixed-used urban development, senior living communities, and affordable housing that is indistinguishable from market-rate housing.   The Model Group is headquartered in Cincinnati’s Over The Rhine neighborhood, having played a lead role in the nationally acclaimed resurrection of this riot torn community.

McCormack Baron Salazar
McCormack Baron Salazar is the nation’s leading for-profit developer, manager, and asset manager of economically integrated urban neighborhoods. Since 1973, the St. Louis-based firm has been an innovator in community development and urban revitalization in 45 cities, having built more than 21,000 high-quality homes for families, children, seniors and veterans.